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    Shenzhen Datlink Technology Co., Ltd.Inception in 2006, the companyProfessional design, production, assembly and sale ofIndustrial Equipment wiring harness / cableMedical equipment wiring harness / cableFlexible wire / cableConsumer Electronics CablesCommunication network cablesRFHigh-frequency cable、Electronic wiring harnessAnd other types of connector / cable groupComponents, connectors, power distribution unit for the product-led/strong>Provide services to the industry. Companies to "innovation and integrity, pursuit of excellence, happy work, sustainable management, providing customers with cost-effective, high quality products and service" business philosophy. Over the years a solid hard-working, concentrated business and steady development. Already have strong product development capabilities, production capacity and quality assurance capabilities. Long-term and international first-class manufacturer of screen printing machine DEK, the world's leading surveying equipment company Hexagon group, a renowned manufacturer of automatic textile machinery Nanshing, and well-known company Andrew, EVOC, ACE etc. to form a good strategy partnership. The high-quality products and dedicated services to obtain customers!

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