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Our company will participate in the "2012 Guangzhou International Wire & Cable Show
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 All preparations have been completed, the Division I 2012, 18, ​​19 No. three days to participate in the "2012 Guangzhou International Wire & Cable Exhibition". Booth No. F06. Will welcome friends from all walks of life consultations, negotiations!

Guangzhou International Wire and Cable Exhibition Introduction:

Guangzhou International Wire Exhibition "professional service wire and cable industry chain, including the power industry, construction industry, communications industry, the automotive industry, household appliances, electronic lighting manufacturing, wire and cable, agents and dealers, the industry cable end-user . Committed to build a service in the international wire and cable industrial chain products and technology demonstration platform to promote the interactive display of upstream and downstream enterprises in the industrial chain, communication and supporting the procurement. To play the show caused international wire and cable industry chain links procurement, production, design, research and development, sales and other industry insiders gathered at the annual event.
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